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A4D Application

Hi A4D

You have a wonderful reputation in the affiliate market place.

Malan Darras recommended you and speaks very highly of your network. I’m part of his private forum and mastermind.

I’d like to give you a little background about where I’m coming from.

Based in Los Angeles, I formed a Film Production and  Ad Creative Company in 2008 called  “Decipher Pictures.”


Our goal was to service the entertainment industry with Original Film Productions.

Along side the film productions, we established our Decipher Creative Agency to produce award-winning broadcast, corporate and series creative.

Some of our clients include Microsoft, Blackberry, CA Technologies, Discovery Channel, 20th Century FOX and many other blue-chip companies.

We work with world-class brands and many of the A-list agencies that represent them to craft inspiring, and powerful visual campaigns that leave a lasting impression on viewers and consumers.

In short, we produced Commercials, built Websites, managed Live Product Launch Events and ReBranded many the biggest brands in popular culture.

Check out some of our work here:


A funny thing happen on the way to the theater…

As a company we had cycling success with the Creative Agency. After every “Creative” job would finish, we would cash the 6 figure checks, disperse the money and go right back out on the hunt for another big-fish corporate client. Seems promising right…? Wrong!

The money was great but we were CONSTANTLY working on someone else’s project with no ownership stake or, more importantly, no control over the flow of income. Our financial performance was completely dependent on how much (or little) money a client might want to spend on a given project budget.

The bigger issue for us was that we had become trapped in chasing the corporate clients and lost focus on the primary goal of producing film.


That brings me to affiliate marketing.

We have decided to change the mission of the Creative portion of the company to affiliate marketing. Using our deep knowledge of managing 6 figure advertising campaigns for corporations we intend to use Affiliate Marketing to manage our OWN destiny.

Our major goal for approaching Affiliate Marketing is the ability for us to control the steady and predictable flow of campaigns and income.

For your reference I’ll include a link to our old / archived website here.

We have rebranded the site for 2017 to be cleaner, simpler and less focused on Corporate Clients.


I’ll be at Affiliate Summit West on January 15th and would love to meet you in person.

In the mean time please call me and we can talk further about getting started with your company.